What is all about?

Flume is an Australian music producer and DJ who has gained international recognition for his unique sound and production style. Born in 1991, he is known for his ability to blend different genres of music, including electronic, hip-hop, and pop, to create a sound that is both innovative and captivating. His debut album, self titled Flume, was released in 2012 with amazing songs.

Known for his innovative and experimental sound design, which is one of the reasons why he has become such a prominent figure in electronic music. His use of unusual samples, layered synths, and unconventional mixing techniques have set him apart from many of his peers .

One of Flume’s signature sound design techniques is his use of heavily manipulated vocal samples. He often takes snippets of a singer’s voice and manipulates them beyond recognition, turning them into musical instruments in their own right. This approach can be heard on tracks like Never Be Like You and Over You”.

Another hallmark of Flume’s sound is his use of organic elements such as bird calls and animal noises. These sounds are often pitched and manipulated in unique ways, creating a sense of otherworldliness in his music. The use of these sounds can be heard on tracks like Jewel and Wall Fuck”.

Flume is also known for his use of layered synths and complex melodies. He often builds tracks by layering multiple synths on top of each other, creating a rich and textured sound that is both unique and attention-grabbing. This can be heard on tracks like “Helix and Insane.

Overall, Flume’s sound design is characterized by a willingness to experiment and take risks. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in electronic music, and his innovative approach has earned him a dedicated following of fans and critics alike.

Here we have the albums and EPs so you can deep dive in his work and appreciate a good eletronic music: