Coherence (2013)

This is my first movie analysis, and I’ll be sharing my personal opinions on every movie, book, or game that I like in the A.A (Art Analysis) category.

I’ll be one hundred percent honest and keep in mind that my analysis might not always be accurate. Hope you enjoy it!


What is all about?

The movie begins with a conversation between a couple, which we later come to know is a blonde girl (whose name I forget) and an actor (whose name I also forgot, lmao). 

This is my second time watching the movie; the first time I saw I was still a teenager, after I watched a youtube video from a channel called Pipocando recommended it to me. today (03/28/2023), Chatgpt also recommended it to me, saying it was somewhat similar to Kaufman’sI am thinking of ending things“.

I will talk more about Kaufman’s movies because he is one of my favorite directors, alongside Ari Aster, Alfred Hitchook and Edgar Wright.

Going back to the movie, I just love how the suspense is generated by the comet and how claustrophobic it becomes over time. We always follow the blonde girl and the director leaves us with the same questions as the characters in the movie. 

Spoiler alert: 


During the movie, we come to understand that when the comet passed, it created a hole in space and time, and every time someone passes through the dark part of the street, they are transported to another dimension with people just like them, but from another universe. All the characters eventually come to understand this and start crossing into alternate realities to do all kinds of things.

The best part happens in the last minute of the movie, when the blonde girl walks through each universe to find the best one. She finally finds one where nobody has left and everyone is happy. She then destroys a car in the street to make everyone leave, and when the version of the universe was alone, she kills her other version and assumes her position in the group of friends. However, she later finds her other version crawling back home and going to the bathroom. She proceeds to hit her with a toilet and hides her body in the bathtub. The blonde girl walks back to the group and passes out in front of everyone.

The next day, she wakes up and tries to look around to see if there is any evidence from the previous night, and it seems to be okay. However, in the last 20 seconds of the movie, her boyfriend appears and asks if everything is okay. In the final moment of the movie, he answers a call from the blonde girl from the correct dimension (it seems that she is still in her dimension and has hidden herself in another place just to call him), he looks at her, and the movie ends.

My first reaction was positive, and although I don’t remember my initial perception of the movie, I found it easier to understand what was going on this time around. Science and pop culture have evolved significantly from 2013 to 2023 (I just noticed now that the movie is celebrating its 10th anniversary), with movies and stories exploring different realities, such as “Doctor Strange” or the Oscar-winning movie of 2023, “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once.” The concept of multiple realities is now more common and easier to understand than it was 10 years ago.

I would rate the movie an 8/10 and would like to compliment the blonde actress for her excellent performance in the lead role, leaving the audience with the same questions as the characters in the movie.