What can I offer ELI?

Dear ELI Team, 

I hope this message finds you well and here is my cover letter for the E-commerce/Digital Marketing Position:

I had the opportunity to analyze the ELI website using various tools to gain insights into its performance. I’d like to share some recommendations that could enhance the overall user experience and help with SEO optimization.

  1. Google Analytics Integration: I recommend adding a Google Analytics script to the ELI website. This valuable tool will provide in-depth data on site visitors, traffic sources, and user behavior. By monitoring this information, ELI can better understand user engagement, popular content, and areas for improvement. Furthermore, it will help diagnose potential SEO issues and inform strategies to enhance the website’s performance.

  2. Optimize Meta Tag Description: Currently, the meta tag description on the ELI website is 320 characters long. To improve SEO and ensure compatibility with search engine guidelines, I suggest reducing it to a maximum of 220 characters. Here’s a revised version: “Discover ELI Schools: Your gateway to quality English education in Ireland. Explore English programs, university pathways, and career options. Immerse yourself in one of Europe’s most welcoming nations, with study and work opportunities. Join our global community and transform your life through the power of English.”

  3. Alt Text for Images: To enhance website accessibility and SEO, consider adding descriptive alt text to all images on the ELI website. Alt text provides valuable context to users with visual impairments and search engine crawlers, helping improve the website’s ranking and overall usability.

In addition to the above recommendations, I would like to offer my assistance in enhancing the visual appeal of the ELI website. As a passionate photographer, I have captured the beauty of Drogheda and its surroundings with my camera since my arrival. Below, you’ll find one of the images I’ve taken, which I believe can complement the website’s content and provide an authentic glimpse into life in the area. I’m eager to contribute more images and videos that showcase the ELI experience.


Should you require further assistance with implementing these recommendations or wish to explore my creative contributions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I look forward to the possibility of working together to elevate the ELI online presence.

Thank you for your attention to these insights and creative offerings!

Warm regards,

Felipe Jundi Ebesui