Irish Diary

This will be my diary for some of my days here in Ireland and being more specifc in Drogheda.

09/30/23 - 15h30

I’ve been through some hard and good days here in Ireland, but since I am just starting this diary today (09/30), I will just thank you for some people for helping me here:

The guys from the house I came, and yes, I am living in the ELI House and it’s fucking terrible how things happen here, especially because I was not used to share the room with other people since I am 12 years old.

However, some of these guys have been so nice to me and putting me up, while other tried to put me down (in the most of the times without even knowing that).

I am just about to leave my house to speak with the guy I will probably pay for the rent and share the studio apartment with.

Let’s hope everything works fine and then we can keep my process here in Ireland, step by step, without forgetting my main objectives here.

To get a master degree and to work and develop as a good professional

10/01/23 - 20h51

I am writing from 3 minutes from Tesco Drogheda and 11 minutes from the Eli School where I will study.

The house is okay and I am already settled myself.

My next steps are: Do the GNBI, look for some jobs and enjoy my time here, of course!

12/26/23 - 15h22

My life completely changed here and I am going to point out some highlights since my last time writing here:

But before that, let’s listen to the same music, so we will be able to be in the same mood!

Next steps will be:

Just realized I could use this as my new year’s resolution list

01/19/24 - 18h22

I decided to not keep posting updates here, since it can be acessed by anyone in the internet, however I will keep writing in another forum and eventually I can share next events here on the website

see you now!

02/19/24 - 21h37

What can I say to update you since my last messages here:

– I changed acommodation to a new place, small room, no wifi, mold, but I can cook my food, wash and dry my clothes freely, the guys are nice and I am feeling way more comfortable now.

– I lost the Erasmus GOALS application.

– I got accepted in DCU and applied for the UCD, TCD and for the romenian scholarship lmao.

– I already made 3 calls with a guy who is supossed to help me with the applications.

– I still am not working in Toxicana, however I did a trial that, until now, it went okay, I am waiting for the response for FUNTASIA and my life in Best’s is kinda hard right now (I am not getting the suits sales properly).

– I still need to apply for the GOI scholarship and the DAAD scholarship.

– I really want to finish my classes in ELI and I really would like to be accepted in the scholarship here.

Besides that, things are okay, I just need to do a good application and hope for the best.

03/01/24 - 18h42

Everytime that I am going to add new information and updates in the page I notice that the most frequent sentence is how my life completely changed from one update to the other and like always, here is the highlights:

– The store didn’t renew my contract for March, so at the moment I am unemployed.
– The rent is okay, but the guys are starting to complain about the energy waste, let’s see how this will happen in the future, however for now I need to pontuacte better about my duties and desires here.
– I am not using my heater that I bought and let’s see what happens with this discussion.
– I will start my work in KFC, let’s see how this goes as well.
– I have two interviews for the middle of March, one is an agency that I spoke in November, they have their office in Dundalk and there is the possibility of sponsoring my VISA, it would be the best thing for me and the other one is in a applegreen in Ashbourne thanks to Ivan, my mexican friend.

– I am going to comeback to smoke and drink (I can’t wait, I think I was more productive when I will using them) in the 17th of March, aka Paddy’s Day, aka Saint Patrick’s Day.

– I did the application for DAAD and got accepted in TCD again =), however I will need to solve how I am going to maintain my extension visa here, since the results will come out around June =(.

– I will need to change the dates for my flights back to Brazil, but it should be around July (The only thing I will have to buy the new ticket)

And just to finish today’s update, this is a montage I made for my first show in Ireland

The CalloutBoys, Unprocessed and Tesseract played in The academy and it was focking Bonkers!!!!!!!!

Me in the academy and photo of the outside